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  • Logo and identity system

  • A functional, informational website to base findings and plans for the project phases.

  • A series of infographics aimed a stakeholders, the wider public and industry specialists.

  • A PowerPoint template

  • Various supporting materials for events, webinars and talks.

The Acorn project is a carbon capture and storage project (CCS) based in the North-east of Scotland.

The project aims to tackle climate change using CCS by repurposing existing oil and gas infrastructure that would otherwise be decommissioned. Gas pipelines will take CO2 directly to the Acorn offshore storage site from industry CO2 emitters. The project also aims to implement a CO2 transport scheme and the generation of hydrogen fuel using natural gas.

As this project has been steadily gaining traction and funding by the government and various energy companies, there have been specific milestones each with their own deliverables.


The project required a clean, simple logo and identity system; it had to stand out within the energy and oil & gas sector. The proverb “Great oaks from little acorns grow” influenced the project greatly. A similarly styled identity for the sister project ‘Acorn Hydrogen’ was created.  



The project began with a simple map showing the proposed offshore CO2 store and the pipeline system from Grangemouth to St Fergus. A timeline was also produced to be used with the map in reports and showed when each phase of the project would be implemented.

As more stages of the project were funded, more detailed maps and diagrams were required such as a detailed proposal of the St Fergus terminal layout, a diagram showing the well itself in different phases of the project and how producing clean hydrogen gas for use in homes can be implemented into the project.


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